Everyone should have access to the superpower skill: Workshop Design.

Everyone should be able to spend their most precious resource: Time in an effective and fun way! 

For those who want to bring meetings and collaborative experiences to a new level: Your book, "The Art of Workshop Design," is currently under construction.

It's a hands on training and inspiration book:

300 Pages, illustrated, with templates and wisdom of 20 contributors.
Out in Spring 2020. 
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20 experts and users share their wisdom on Workshop Design. Here is a sneak peek.

"Using music in workshops fills the space with SOUL."

Elena Böhm

Komische Oper Berlin

"Sometimes - actually quite often - the funtion of meetings is mainly POWER PLAY."

Prof. Christoph Lattemann

Jacobs University Bremen

"My mantra: preparation is key. I never go into meeting without an AGENDA.“ 

Johannes Seibel

Creative Strategist, Mono


"My vision of future meetings?

They will be solution-oriented, creative, and fun. It feels like we have understood and moved something every time."

Bernd Richter,

CEO, Years Ahead

Thinking about my strategy, my vision for the workshop was very helpful. Especially: How does the moderation of this workshop fit into my life motto? And how can I grow through the session?

Donata Fischer

Innovation Manager, Siemens AG



Hi, I am Hedi! I am passionate about workshop design. 
The art of creating and managing knowledge, simply human superpowers, successfully!
I have created hundreds of workshops over the last ten years.
And I have trained the workshop design mechanics to executives and students all over the world. I know: Everyone can do it.
And now I want to share it with you.

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